Umbra Simulation Framework

Umbra Simulation Framework

Umbra™ is a flexible simulation engine and framework that is designed to rapidly model complex systems. Umbra can integrate physical and behavioral elements at variable levels of fidelity in a 3D environment. It regularly works the range of Live-Virtual-Constructive (LVC) environments, including faster than real-time simulation calculations for generative analysis and real-time interactions that incorporate live external data feeds or human interaction. Umbra underlies a number of tools and can also be used by itself.

Attributes of Umbra include the following:

  • Ability to model a wide variety of environments
  • Framework integration for other simulations
  • Tactical development (minutes-hours-days)
  • Live-Virtual-Constructive (LVC)
  • Worlds Model (patented) simplifies adding new model types to complex environments
  • Capability to be operational on laptop, desktop, cluster
  • System of Systems simulations
  • C++
  • Reuse of existing simulation components
  • Capability to federate and co-simulate with other tools (HLA)
  • 2D, 3D, immersive visualizations
  • Mixed, variable fidelity
  • Training available
  • Government Use, Academic/Commercial licensing


Modeling Chemical Threats to Crowds

Umbra Impact

One unique attribute of Umbra is a formal “Worlds abstraction” used to support modularization of any phenomenological model. This is in contrast to many simulation environments, which rely upon a fixed set of data structures or a global variable space. Such approaches limit the practical scale and scope of problems to which these codes can be applied. Umbra uses world modules to provide realistic physical environments. Umbra also provides event order optimization and simulation stability.

Umbra may be licensed for government use and is available via commercial licensing as well.

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An example of a product built on Umbra is the physical security simulation package, Dante.


Umbra is supported by the Interactive Systems Simulation & Analysis (ISSA) Department at Sandia National Laboratories. ISSA both conducts Umbra development for customers and supports customer’s use and development in Umbra. This group provides updates, technical support, training, advice, and user group resources relating to Umbra.

For more information, contact Brian Hart:, 505-284-9070